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Tarbela Dam by U.S. Embassy Pakistan

ca. 1991, Pakistan --- Tarbela Dam, along the Indus River, rises 148 meters high and is 2743 meters in length. Completed in 1977, the embankment contains 126,151,570 cubic meters of earth and rock, the largest volume ever used in a structure of its kind. Pakistan. --- Image by © Christine Osborne/CORBIS The Unted States funds large-scale energy projects that will provide electricity to an estimated two million households by 2013. Key projects: - Renovating the power plant at the Tarbela Dam - Modernizing the generators at the Mangla Dam - Upgrading the Guddu, Jamshoro, and Muzaffaragarh power plants - Building the Satpara and Gomal Zam dams
Osborne Dam is a tourist attraction, one of the Dams in Rwatsumbu, Zimbabwe. It is located: 520 km from Chitungwiza, 560 km from Harare, 830 km from Beira. Read further
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